Hello there! I have 7+ years working in numerous roles with commercial and television production in Austin, Texas and beyond. Prior to going full-time in production, I was a working photographer, community advocate, and documentary storyteller. 
I live in Austin with my wife, Creative Director & Illustrator Claudia Aparicio Gamundi, and our three dogs. You can see some photos I make at whitneydevin.com.
With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, I pursued training in Covid safety and infection control. During the height of the pandemic I worked on productions with HBO, AMC, Netflix, ESPN, Buick, Jiffy Lube and more to ensure that crews of up to 400 could continue working in a safe environment during these unprecedented times. 

2021 snapshot:
Rambler Sparkling Water - Production Manager, Location Scout
Confidential "Health Project" - Line Producer
HBO's We're Here, Season 2, Episode 8 - Health Safety Supervisor
JVN Hair - Production Manager
Eucerin - Production Manager
Bevel - Unit Production Manager
Ollie dog food - Production Manager
Buick - Covid Compliance
Indeed - Covid Compliance
ESPN - Covid Compliance
Novi Financial - Production Manager
Fear The Walking Dead, Season 6 - Office (stage) Health Safety Manager
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