Hello! I have 7+ years working in commercial and television production in Austin, Texas and beyond. Prior to going full-time in production, I was a working photographer, community advocate, and documentary storyteller. 
I live in Austin with my wife, Creative Director & Illustrator Claudia Aparicio Gamundi, and our three dogs. You can see some photos I make at whitneydevin.com.
With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, I trained in Covid safety and infection control and have since worked on productions with HBO, AMC, Netflix, ESPN, Buick, Jiffy Lube and more to ensure that crews of up to 400 could continue working in a safe environment during these unprecedented times. 

2021 snapshot:
Rambler Sparkling Water - Production Manager, Location Scout
Confidential "Health Project" - Line Producer
HBO's We're Here, Season 2, Episode 8 - Health Safety Supervisor
JVN Hair - Production Manager
Eucerin - Production Manager
Bevel - Unit Production Manager
Ollie dog food - Production Manager
Buick - Covid Compliance
Indeed - Covid Compliance
ESPN - Covid Compliance
Novi Financial - Production Manager
Fear The Walking Dead, Season 6 - Office (stage) Health Safety Manager
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